Profile picture problem

Hello, just wanna know that why i cant put my profile picture? And after a few days i wait my profile picture has been rejected. So what should i do?


Hello, I would try to reupload it and make sure it follows the rules listed on the upload page. If it already follows the rules, it may have been a accidental click by the moderators.

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5 of my pictures have been rejected by moderators it doesn’t even contain

Nudity and Pornography
Infringement of intellectual property rights like copyrights and trademarks.

My last picture was the George Washington bridge


What gives?

If you have bad picture like blood,killer,assassin,murder,ghost and more…don’t pick those picture.
Take a good and peace picture like your face,football shoes, and more…

Hope you can get it…GoodLuck :wink:

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I am looking into this for you. Please be patient as we find a solution.

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It’s been rejected again

It was the George Washington bridge

This my 7th, my car:

It’s in there pending

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Hmmm,you should tell @eddie about this…


A content moderator approves those images. Please wait and give us a chance to solve the problem before uploading. I don’t want to give someone unnecessary work.

My picture get reject by moderator too because of my tanktastic picture…

We talked and decided it’s time for a new list of acceptable profile images. Everyone will have more freedom when uploading. It might be one more day until we are ready.

Okay,i’m understand…thank you

Good news everyone, we are reviewing profiles images again. :slight_smile: Everything should be cleared up now. Try updating your profile photos again. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

I had the same issue. I put this picture up and it got taken down like 3 times.

Thanks for reporting! It helps us find and fix problems.

Thanks eddie…

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Thanks Eddie

It’s in

Is it the way it should be, a blank face when you playing a game?

At least they can know your name…be happy :slight_smile:

Sure, sorry for the delay, I’ve been on vacation. :palm_tree: Is your avatar showing correctly on Y8 now? I’m not sure exactly how that works yet, I will put this on my list of things to do though.

All good

Thanks Eddie

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