Problems in Orion Sandbox



Hi everyone:

I have a question in Orion Sandbox.

When I’m playing the game, it seems like the game is lagging.:sweat:

For example, when I (the man in the game) start to walk, he walked very slow. Can someone help me? Whether it’s the problem in my PC or the game.

The internet connection is fine. Full signal.



well I do not know much but restart the pc


I had restart my computer, and I try to go to the game again.

But it still “lagging”. I mean when I want to walk, it seems like ‘he’ is difficult to walk.

I think maybe it’s the game problem. How to do?


Hello guys,

I have a problem underground.

Can I move the Crystal of life? Because I wanted to place ONE in my house. :grin:

How to move the Crystal of life? Seems like it’s hard to mine.:sweat:



Another question:

Can I delete Orion Sandbox game after I don’t want to play it anymore? I mean it will delete permanently.

And can I delete my Y8 account?



Delete game, you mean from your computer ? steam version ?
if so than yes, and if you mean from y8 than you cant :wink:

and regarding deleted your y8 account, please email us your request from the registered email id.


Ok, thanks for your reply.


What about can I move the crystal of life in the Orion Sandbox game?

I mean is it got some special equipment to move that thing?



yo estoy jugando la version mejorada de este juego, cuando acabe la historia empezare con la vieja que tiene mejores graficos


where do you get the machine


the auto save is still on my screen and i can’t save it hasn’t saved my progress or my sister ( we share and bond with this game ) so can you please fix this.



Can I know how to delete my Y8 account?

I mean what is the email address for me to delete it.



Besides, anybody know the tips to get the Swords of depth from the “big boss”?

I killed it before but doesn’t get the sword.:frowning_face:

Or how many times I have to kill it to get the sword?



you can request on y8 support to delete your account.




Hi everyone,

Can I know how to change my y8 email address?

Thank you


Hi Y8 website assistants,

Can you help me to change my to ?

Bcuz is my “spam” acc. is only my REAL account.