Problem of new freefall tournament

I wish I had the old freefall tournament I want the old freefall tournament I’m not playing in the freefall tournament for three months now

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Who wants old freefall tournament let me write i want freefall tournament in this topic it will be your voices

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I want old freefall tournament

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Unity Webplayer is dead, browsers stopped supporting unity webplayer, and its not available as an option to export in unity engine either.
If there was no webgl, Freefall tournament game would have been a dead game, but WebGL has kept the game alive with 50K new daily users and grabbing retention of them daily.

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50k daily users?

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Yes you can check game play numbers on to have a idea, its increasing rapidly and also many players coming from other websites.


Sure they are coming btw what about old ones??

have to check with developers about the old ones, no easy way to track.

hahahha we cant find them now

sorry I dont understand

No chance for FFT to be on kong?

Not fast as expected but should be option for transfer in near future

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Esse idnet é muito sorrateiro e pilantra. Tive minha conta roubada e tentei trocar a senha utilizando o “esqueci minha senha”, mas o link não tem validação e não me encaminha para nenhuma página.

i don’t like the slug system or like the old one take the slugs system pls i like skins

ankit pls take out the slug system it’s staying there idle becuz of that only people like ian cheat engine hacks are hacking the game for slugs and xp xp also doesn’t matter pls also fast the z money pls ankit i hope u do that :blush:

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