[Prize WINNERS] - $10.000 Y8 Games Contest 2016


Hello developers, players and trusty jury members :smile:

We are sad to inform you that the contest is over, but very HAPPY to announce the Contest Winners!!

From around 40 epic looking games, all available here:

We are glad to present you:


Time Hotel


Armed with a pixelated gun, few strange capsules for traveling back in time, and Bear Grylls latest survival plan, you are about to race against time in this fast-paced clicker fun! Get to the roof of the Time Hotel as you knock down doors, shoot down Easter eggs, and blast down some zombie brains! You have only 30 seconds, so hurry up and find your way out of this mess!

Play Time Hotel game at Y8.com

Lampogolovii & leric


## Mr. Timan ##


Good morning, Mr. Timan! Welcome to your new TIME experience, right inside the Time Company. After pushing a strange little red button, your entire life is changed and now you need to leap forth in time and undo the evil, before it is too late…

Play Mr. Timan game at Y8.com



##Return the Eggs ##


Rip open the sky and travel across the whole space to retrieve your precious Easter eggs. Return the Eggs is a dynamic platformer game where you launch in and out portals which you use for traveling around, overcoming obstacles, and collecting the stolen eggs.

Play Return the Eggs game at Y8.com

Denis Vasilev


##Easter Bunny Jumping Funny##


All bunnies do jumpy funny, but this Easter Bunny is the funnies jumper of them all! Jump across time and space to collect the missing Easter Eggs and paint them before it is too late. Get ready for portals, hunters, and loads of jumping fun in this Easter adventure game!

Play Easter Bunny Jumping Funny game at Y8.com

Code: Roman Parada
Art: Ivan Sapelnikov


##Time Blast##


The walking dead strike again! But this time, aside the heavy arsenal of guns, bombs and special upgrades which are available out there, you will be also able to blink into space, and even slow down time as you strive to prevail against the zombified race. Save humanity!

Play Time Blast game at Y8.com

Code: Roman Petriv
Art Yaroslav Rubash
Music www.incompetech.com

Thanks again for participating and supporting our very first, game development contest :smile:
Winners will be emailed within 24 hours, with further information how to receive their prizes.

p.s. feel free to write here and ask the credits to be updated properly.



Congrats to all the winners :slight_smile:


Congrats! Time Hotel is awesome!


Congrats everyone ! Time Hotel is very nice !


YAY! Time Hotel is fantastic, absolutely deserved main prize! Also my congratulations to all winners, you guys have really great games! And of course huge thanks Y8 + ID.net for such cool event, will be waiting for a second contest! :slight_smile:


Congrats to everyone : It’s very impressive to be able to provide so many nice games in 7 days! :smile:

geovizz65 : We will for sure make another contest but let us time to make it perfect, we are yet actively discussing everything hehe


Thanks for the contest, and because of it the great amount of new games!
Also: big congratulations to the developpers of the games, to achieve this in such short notice!!! :smiley:
As for the winners… i fully agree with the outcome (Time Hotel first, Mr Timan 2nd place)… but… i’m also glad these were some of the games i could play (somehow i lost the ability to play Unity based games about 2 weeks ago, and i cannot get it to work anymore :frowning: )
Well done, everyone!!


Maybe the judges couldn’t play the Unity games either because none of them made it to the top 5. :yum:


Please note the prizes are not licensing fees : We are really happy to negotiate exclusive license (or sitelock) fees on any contest game, including “in development” ones :smile:


I tried all the games and they all are LOL to me.


yeah he i play 3 hours to time blast but it is on 5th place hahahaha


he i look time hotel but it is 57 percent only time blast is 75 wtf


I really wanted to make a game first, but the registering did not work. :rage: :rage: :cry: :cry:


Registering to the contest? The registration was closed at 16th of March, maybe that was the reason you couldn’t register?

Also, if you made your game already, you can email it to us on the email at the y8 submission page, and we’ll review it for possible licensing.

Good luck with the development :slight_smile:


I want you to remove my game because it is not ready.
When I completed this game you are interested in buying this game?


The game is removed now. Do contact me after the game is ready, and we’ll try to buy it :slight_smile:


Who Wins? In January 2016,@Kien From The New Year 2016 :fireworks: December 2015 Is The :christmas_tree: October 6 Is My :birthday:


This contest has ended. The top winner was Time Hotel.


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