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Princess Twins Babies Newborn is a fun game to play on. I found this game very interesting and happy. Any time have any one ever thought of helping in delivering a baby, this game gives an opportunity to us. :stethoscope: :baby:

Here is our cute lady who seeks help to get ready for her labor. Being a pregnant lady it is really hard to clean herself, as she gonna be mom for twin babies. :massage_woman: :baby:

clean her back and give her a gentle massage to get relief from her body aches. :stethoscope:

So let us help her by cleaning, as she is a pregnant lady, she cannot help herself much, so let us clean her back, nails as long nails are not so good for tiny kids. :baby: :baby_bottle: :nail_care:

After cleaning she gonna admit labor to deliver cute little twin babies. She got be sick and has to get ready for labor. :hospital: :stethoscope:

So be a doctor help her by operating and taking the cute little princess twin babies out from their mom’s belly, all you need to do is to follow steps like, oxygen, apply lotion, anesthesia and gloves and knife. Bring them out to the world. :baby: :dagger: :hocho:

Both the babies are healthy and really cute, let us help them getting ready with the latest cute dresses and finally make all of them happy. :baby: :dress: :two_women_holding_hands:

Finally our cute little babies and mom gonna be happy for ever. Do manage from your side and share your screenshot to show your work to everyone. :family_man_girl_boy: :dress:

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