Pool Live Pro - Jouez en ligne sur Y8.com


Since yesterday evening on 30/8/2019, the page https://fr.y8.com/games/pool_live_pro opens, but loads indefinitely, it is impossible to play since the game does not load.
Screen : https://imgur.com/a/FRAnxmj
Thank you.


I have same kind of problem since yesterday. Where is our snooker and pool games ? How long we have to wait?


well the game just block me?


I am very surprised that there are only 3 complaints while hundreds of players are connected simultaneously every day ! …

I specify that this concerns the following browsers:
Firefox : Quantum version 68.0.2 (64 bits)
Chrome : version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Internet Explorer : version 11.0.9600.19431


Hello, we are working to fix the problem. This seems to still work for now. https://www-billiards.ganymede.eu/y8/


yeah u bitter well.


Hello Eddie,

Thank you for your answer, indeed by this link it works, but still not by https://www.y8.com/games/pool_live_pro


Hello again,

This little word to thank you for your responsiveness: the link https://fr.y8.com/games/pool_live_pro is back in working order.

Yours truly. :smiley:


I didn’t change anything. Must have been an issue with the game and they fixed it. Glad it’s working again.


Thank you for the feedback Eddie, the main thing is that the problem was quickly resolved. :smile:


their no title in ur link dude.