⭐ Platform Jumping Adventure with Parkour Craft Game!

Parkour Craft is a jumping game that is a parkour style in a 3d pixel world! You play on an island of familiar 3D objects or mine-craft blocks. A unique game that offers fun and adventure to discover. You play as this cute voxel character moving and jumping forward on platforms collecting stars :star2: until you reach the portal :door: to the next world. Let’s checkout some highlights of this game. :dash: :sunglasses: :star_struck:


Move forward and jump on platforms. Collect stars :star: :star: :star: and reach the portal. :arrow_upper_right: :door:


The arrow points you to the location of the portal door :arrow_upper_right:


Reach the portal with 3 stars! :star: :star: :star:


The game world looks pixel perfect! :star_struck:


Basically each level you’d be asking: How to get there? :thinking:


If you fall on the water :desert_island: :sweat_drops: , you will have to start the level all over again :cold_sweat: :sob:


This level looks easy but the blocks collapses like quick sand! :scream: :flushed:


Level 11 and up! This is where the fun begins! Goodluck! :sweat_smile: :joy:

Your game progress is saved with Y8 Save feature so make sure you’re logged in to your Y8 account when playing! :slightly_smiling_face: Have fun playing this game brought to you by Y8.com!

Play it here :arrow_down:

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