Only few games appear when I opened Y8


Hi! I just want to ask how can I change the sorting of the games in Y8 to like showing all the games in one page? Because I really prefer it that way since right now, the games were sorted by page with only 5 games per page. I don’t know how to turn it back.

Whenever I open the page at first, all the games do appears but then in a split second, only 3 games suddenly appeared. I’m not sure if this is some visual bug but hope the web developers could help me.

Here’s a video to see how it happens:


Hello, Thank you for the bug report. I’m asking the team if it could be related to a performance issue. I have seen this happen a few times. However, it typically resolves on it’s own, so we are still searching for the cause.


Thank you for responding. Anyways, how long will it take to get it fixed on its own tho? And also I wanna say, when I asked people from Discord about this, they told me they haven’t experienced it. Like its only mine that does this.


Yeah, we have seen it before but it remains a mystery. The page cache is set to 10 minutes. You can try adding a question mark ? to the end of the address to see if the cache is causing it. Otherwise, I would check back in a day. If it persists, we will have to check the code again. Before we thought it was related to parental controls getting mixed up across computers.


ur internet connection is to low.


@Mr.VladimirEngayas No, not really. I talked to him earlier via Discord and he said he got good internet connection. Maybe he didn’t mentions performance of his PC. But overall, his internet is not the problem.


Hmm, it went good this past days and returned back to its normal sorting that shows all games. But right now, the bug went back again. I tried adding question mark at the end of my address but it did not work. Hopefully you could reply back. It did went back normal 3 days ago.


also sometimes it happen in my pc but only for 2hours.


Which browser are you using? We are still trying to find how to recreate the problem, so it can be solved.

Also, check parental controls, maybe a clue in there. Mine looks like this. Does the menu look the same for you?