Novice here - Eager to learn how to be a good gamer


Hello Y8 Community - Apologies for if wrong place to post this request

I’m JB and I’ve recently discovered the virbrant and diverse culture of online the gaming communities. I think it could be a healthy way of helping me improve my human interactions and treatment towards others.

I am interested in games like Roblox but I have problems with substance use and unfortunately some disrepectful behaviours, unfortunately repeated mysogyny. I’m not asking for professional counseling but if a moderator or experienced Roblox / Minecraft player could give me some brief advice about staying staying safe , respectful online with then I would appreciate their time and brief advice.

To be more clear - Middle Aged Man with some guilt behaviour issues wants to know if online gaming could be healthy part of recovery/behaviour, modofication.

Please delete post isn’t appropriate.

Not attempt to ‘shitpost’, troll.




Mh… I’ll leave the post, but not sure why are u asking on Y8 forums about Roblox/Minecraft players, while Y8 is not owner of these 2. Isn’t it, like, more logical to post on their forum?
Also about 95% high chance u gonna get advice from really young ppl, which again, not sure how helpful can be.

If u have issues with raging in pvp games, answer is simple, take a break from them. Play something that is either single player or MMO. And if that is not helping (return after taking a break), just quit them fully. Not everyone reacts the same and I’ve seen a lot of it, as moderator and as person who plays games in free time too (private).


Play one game you like or love, get used to the mechanics, figure out if there is some strategy, look at some guides if you feel like some changes need to be made. For MMOs I would recommend Realm of the mad god. If you want single player, I could recommend Minecraft but I would recommend if you search up Roguelikes.


This wasn’t the question. But maybe I misunderstood.


No problem, it was the same sentence that I used when i was a moderator for another games forum (pixel gun world) and the sentence worked very well for some people.


Thankyou and apologies.

Please forgive grammar, diction, coherence and delete and forget should this come across as completely psychotic. I have no intention to harm myself, others and I have no minors in my care. I am seeing mental health professions although I am not going to be discussing this in detail other disclosing stimulant induced paranoid thoughts.

I’m trying to make make contact with someone involved in a current collaborative project across a range of different platforms. I am sorry to be so vague as I don’t know the size, scale or right individual to approach.

There is also a significant chance that what I asking about is a manifestation of my own paranoid delusion due to substance abuse.

Please delete my original topic if you manage to read all of it.

Without going into details or inflicting any further harm than what I have already caused I wanted to try and open up a dialogue with one of creative drivers involved in said campaign.

I was an abusive, lying partner to someone over many years. Drugs, domestic violence, infidiledity and basically toxic to be around.
I am unable to have direct contact with my ex due to being either intelligible, abusive or public slurs on social media, mass email.

I am currently getting help from professional services and I know the appropriate channel of communication is not here.

The dilemma that I have ia that I believe that there has been an effort on the behalf of this project to try and establish a dialogue - via Youtube videos, often hiliarious scientific spam adult websites, print media, anime, blogs, most social media platforms etc. I am just realising how completely insane I sound from trying attempting to explain the implausible Trueman Show fantasism to a stranger.

I will try and be more clear. I am seeing a Psychiatrist tomorrow. I cannot discuss such thoughts with them in greater detail than drug induced paranoia or I will be detained for 28 days under the mental health act. This wouldn’t be the worst outcome for me personally.

I believe that friends of my ex and herself have tryed to point out that amongst the dossier of transgressions I am aware of that there was something which I have done that I had forgotten about which may be causing an innocent party unecessary harm.

On the offchance this is the case I need to somehow communicate with them that I wish to do the honourable thing. I’m obviously not functioning well at present but even during periods of soberiety and having frequent social interaction I still was defensive, paranoid hostile disposition.

If “Zero Brian” - myself, teampz, Roblox, Minecraft Escape Rooms, Royalty Free Ambassadors, a host of games on this platform ,have one particular Me Too style social justicesque theme then it’s possible that you could convey a message on my behalf - if you are confoftable in doing so.

I am hostile and aggressive as a) It’s tempting to live in denial and portray myself as a victim and b) I thought it was a deliberate, elaborate and resource intensive collaboration to make me loose my mind, although in a person centered and humourous way that made me laugh out loud whilst at the simultaneously being choking on the the very public exposure of my years of hypocritical bullshitting.
This and the feeling of being watched. That’s main issue is this highly unlikely scenario has any material basis outside my own subzero consciousness.
I particularly wish to make clear that I have no intention or wish to portray my estranged/former partner as being in anyway responsible for being on the whole a terrible husband and if they wish me to somehow take some ownership or puplic/acknowledgement of then I will try my best. I really just want her to be happy but I acuse of being satan incarnate as she was the only person I have ever really felt I could be honest with and she would rescue me from this

type of car crash. That’s not possible now.
Is there perhaps a trusted neatral third party that could explain could something pressing that needs to be addressed within an impending timeframe? THIS IS WHY I AM WRITING ALL THIS

I know it is something in relation to something due to me that I need to act
However I need to first to become drug free and attempt to get myself well. I understand the need for a subtle approach but cracking if they expect me to crack the enigma code it’s possible I’ll ended up huffing a can of Lynx.


Sorry I think sobriety, anti-pyschotics and some intensive therapy is what I need.
I have treated life like a game. I kind of terrified of growing up.
Please ignore this? Are you a mod?
Oh fuck


Um no, I am not a mod on this forum, I was a mod for the pixel gun world community (PC port of a mobile fps game) when I was about 14 or.15 years old. If you want an intense game, my suggestion is Quake Champions, it’s fun, fast paced and very hard core. Believe me, it’s like “Fight like it’s 1999” kind of game. Also it’s free to play. I recommend it to you because it’s intense.


Also I am pretty sure some people have done something like this but worse. I am currently suffering from a similar exposure.


I apreciate the tip but I tend to subject
my own perception of reality with absolutely intense constructs that for some reason seem like a mathematical impossiblility that so many coincidences.
It all seemed so plausible whilst this room whilst on a pvp analogue. Trust me stay off pyrovalones this is what happens.
I used to play Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on the Commodore 64. Sensible Soccer and the Amiga pushed the techmology to far into the realm of Skynet and the rise of the machines.
That’s when the gaming boat left on the harbour of simplicity.
It’s when machines become more responsive, conscious, almost as terrifying as being in the presence of another human.
Two player becomes much more of compulsion.
Emlyn Hughes was better alone, more an a prompt for for own pretend and make believe.
Alone with with a benign machine of slow moving, crude, chunky pixelated clones that were transformed you into the sheer brute force of Norman Whiteside in the beautiful lies of make believe. You never feared loosing against the Commodore.
Sensible Soccer, two player, interaction with the the always present threat of failure. Of loosing.
The Amiga was the realisation of Skynet. The rise of the machines. Binary, clinical conscious pulling you away from the comfort of the pretend and into the present moment. The rise of the machines. There already jave risen above me in the evolutionary food chain.
Thank you. I just need to delete all the disturbing references to a popular childrens game with a edgy sounding name and somehow intetpreted it as a platform for hive mind, orchestrated viral exposure of the most adult kind.
This several tectonic plates below rock bottom.
Is it possible that the I have been observed and tolerated from afar by a group of talented, cutting edge, professionals have tolerated and observed my idiosyncracies from afar over a period of years and are now patiently executing an ethical but consequential behavioural inervention and enlightment programme through a range of diferent mediums in a quasi-legal grey area but at the same time making an lasting artistic statement via my assimilation into the the binary meta consciousneass?
Harry Potter Finger Puppets. Bespoke Person Centred Gaming Virtual Actuality Rehabilitation Programmes targeting embedded damaging societal problems? Am I the primary protagonist in of a cybernetic rendering of Crime Punishment authored by HAL with a extra dry sense of humour. Pythonesc in fact. Python. Isn’t that some form Computer patois?
I must abort. If anyone sees the my earlier posts I am truly sorry. I believe I have been hacked by a a group of teenagers in Bangalor. The typos or mine but not the grotesque fragments of depravity.
It gets very cold in Dusselorf this time of year.


Please do keep in mind that these are a bit heavy topics and there is a lot of young players.

About how to deal with issues, u are already making some steps and I would suggest just not being involved with things that are upsetting u. Pretty sure u will manage to find some friends that are nice and play together with them.


Is it possible you could please delete my said heavy content? I’ll have a go but just got some clarification that I am sane but still unsure how I can best try and resolve this?
My primary question isn’t why hasn’t anyone sat me down and had this rather difficult conversation. I sure wouldn’t have voluntered.
Before my last spell of respite in secure retreat I had a strong feeling of posting a router to my previous residence.
I feel compelled to get in the post tomorrow. I kmow it’s somewhat of punt but it can’t do any harm?
As for other things. I kind of feel some kind of dialogue needs to be established. First class letters with helpful suggestions.
I would be prepared to meet and discuss at some stage but I’m a mess at present. Have to sleep. Thankyou. My hostility mostly comes from not not being completely in the in the dark.
A letter outlining some suggestions to aid in my recovery would be very helpful.
Some could be mutual beneficial, practical things that maybe mutual beneficiation.
Need rest.


Welp, idk what to say, when I get angry or raging, I let it out on all the quake veterans in QC even though the game is very intensive.


You should see 3 dots, click that, if you see a trash can, click it then it deletes your post. I am not totally sure about topic post


how you people talk this long