Notice: Must read for players



one of the website come into our attention which was asking players sensitive information like their password and we would like to request everyone never share your password on such 3rd party websites. No matter what they promise about ingame goodies because at end of the day you will lose your account only.

Follow simple policies and be safe online, happy playing.

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thanks. some of those do tempt me. thanks for noticing


me too


Scammers are all around the globe


:thư giãn:


Okay,thanks for noticing me


are those bad or? because i just wanted to play that game and plz answer me :santa:




k thanks for a that forum i will do what did you say


your right


oky,thx for noticing me :nerd:


ok thanks


So many people lose their account do to dat


Wasn’t that the reason AndreaC200’s account was used by other people? Or did he/she share it?


and, how do you know it ?


My account wasn’t shared lol, where are u getting this info?


thank you.


can i play game


sure you can.