Noobie1 got caught 4K

Noobie1 is a GIRL did you know that he likes Miammiam I didnt know that hes a video i hope it works i will send it here and he is a SCAMMER! this video has it all that hes a gold digger who knew that Abri or Abir is a Scammer

Miammiam should see this
  • yes he should see cuz he needs to know

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girl and “He”?

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Oh that was a bad news

what he mean, mr fish?

He said Noobie1 just like Miammiam which mean scammer and gold digger and he said knew Abri or Abir is scammer you better double check and understand Kien

wait miam?

wtf u tell that you are king huh rat shut up
and dont ever call me noob and understand that

where u found out that and firstly youre sen
tences spell worng visha;/


what the fuc…

Fishman are you ok? because Kien eat your meat just reply me ok

hehe, find fish in my belly

noobie is not a girl bruh?


I have 2 acc mar

hi kien

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