Nom Nom Hotdogs: Yum Yum and Tasty game

Hello friends, How important is food in your lives? :shallow_pan_of_food: Does anyone have craving for hotdogs, donuts, pizza, fries, and drinks? :tropical_drink::hotdog::pizza: Then you have to hold yourself as we gonna play the yummiest game here on :y8: This game mainly shows how to prepare hotdogs and manage a restaurant :hotel: with really hectic and time constraint customers. In this game we have really very important tasks, they are:

  1. Shopping, Marination. :shopping:
  2. Cutting and mixing
  3. Managing restaurant, cooking :woman_cook:
  4. Decorate :heart_decoration:

Do you all know the recipe of the dish, So just follow the instructions in the game, so for hot dogs, :hotdog: we need meat, :cut_of_meat: bread, :bread: cheese :cheese: and some more. It is really easy to prepare the bread ourselves. just we need some ingredients like eggs, yeast, sugar, salt and more. :bread::baguette_bread:

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, but you have to keep the measurements in mind, they need to be precise and bake in the oven

Later for the hotdog, we need meat to add inside the bread for that let us collect the meat which is moving on the conveyer belt.

Now with this yummy recipe, we gonna manage the restaurant, for that the customers will come and give orders which can be the hot dog, potato fries or onion fries and drinks, so let us prepare them too. :tropical_drink: :fries:

Now lets peel of the potato and let us arrange for fires and the same with onions too…

Finally, let’s open for customers and we know they will be really in hurry, :fast_forward: just take the order and be quick to serve the order, this gonna taste super and fun. just serve as many orders and collect money and this gonna have lots of fun. :hotel::desert_island:

Finally, let us make a nom nom and let us invite our friends for a small party.

decorate the table with all toppings and have a yummy meal on this pleasant day. Play this super and yummy game only on

Play the game let us know about your experiences.

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