No, Blaster is not balanced


I’m not one of those people who thinks every class should be perfectly balanced. Having unique classes with different strengths and weaknesses makes for the best PvP experience. Classes such as the Blaster in its current state, however, do not make for a good PvP experience. Insane damage? Check. Insane surviveability? Check. Anti-melee? Check. Anti-range? Check. Great mobility? Check. The best counter to a Blaster is another, more skilled Blaster. Where does that leave everyone else?

Everyone knows Blasters are a bit overpowered. If that’s the intention of the developers then fine, but I thought I’d just give my two cents because personally if I see the enemy team has more than one Blaster I’m probably just going to change rooms.

And yeah, I’ve been around long enough to know Blaster players who just want to keep rocket-spamming new players out of existence will try to explain that people who complain just suck at the game and that Blaster is actually a very balanced class which requires lots of time and skill to master… but they’re kidding themselves.


On this forum, this argument’s been brought up too many times to count. It’s totally possible to kill a blaster with most classes as skill ceiling is not that high. But I do agree, it’s an overpowered class.


Not if it’s ronforge :tired_face:


Silly boi, there is no such a thing as more skilled when u just need to blast someone with autolocking and go in range with micro. Tank counters Blaster better anyways.

Yes, it’s op. Yes, it needs a nerf. For 4+ years by now.


why did you say that ?


One thing I hate is that blaster users think that they are too pro…


Over power scale from one to three
commando > Blazer > blaster


Nope ,
anything can be op if used properly even tech


when i’m playing fft last i enccounter a blaster hes rank in g1 but i use assassing and he didn’t defeat beacouse of my team you can defeat a blaster if your team have tank,shocker,teach,scout


Or Gunner, I have beaten blasters using Gunner


Totally possible to beat blaster using as I said in my original post, most classes. Tech basically impossible without team, but with all other classes I believe it’s completely possible to beat a blaster, might I say easily.


But you won with Tech against a Blaster in 1v1 :anguished:


no you will not win if you will use teach its just a support at all.


gunner can beat blaster if hes not alone.


I beat a blaster alone



Every class except tech (in rare circumstances) can beat blasters. It’s nothing impressive to beat a blaster with gunner.


maybe that blaster user is weak or fool.


Just… no.

Please play the game more and report back when you do.


Lol Joe


Blasters suffer more from haze than any other class. Other than that their movement is rather predictable and they can’t hit you with the rocket train if you run behind a wall. But yeah they’re op