Need change nickname on Freefall Tournament


@Ankit Can you change my nick name in Freefall Tournament I’m really, really need it. And tell me how write PM message.


It’s mentioned before in other topics, we are not doing anymore name changes.


@Nox I’m not just changing name for fun, It shows my email nick
now that’s biggest problem on my Freefall account.


But why are u using the same as ur e-mail is?

Answer still remains.


@Nox I’m don’t use it, a few days create account on this forum and automatically it appear with my email now I’m don’t know how to change it. I’m even don’t how my Freefall account created automatically without confirmation. I’m chose Thomas15 but still email nick on Freefall


Did ur original acc got changed or it opened a new acc and logs u on it instead?


Then I’m opened Freefall Tournament wihout register on Freefall’s page showing loading you profile and nick is same with email. Maybe Y8 and ID. Net making accounts together ? I don’t know this. But I’m registered only for this forum. I’m writed everywhere to help change my name but support won’t help me I’m don’t know what to do.


I honestly have hard time understanding this.

  1. if the issue is ur forum name, u can change it in options
  2. if it opened whole new acc on FFT under forum name, just clear cache and log in to acc u want

Or if it’s nothing of this, send me in private message how ur FFT acc name looks like and i’ll see what is it about


@Nox How send private message ?? I’m changed everywhere my nick name still not helps some bug on my account now, cleared cache too still not helps.


Click on my name

There should be an option for message


@Nox doesn’t show Message button I’m can’t send you private message ! How to send you message if that button doesn’t appear ??? Tell me how can I’m send you my screenshot with account


@Thomas15 Try now


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