My y8 is taking to long to download

my y8 is taking to long to download im getting annoyed but my wifi is strong whyyyyyyy. i need the app fast

I found that out too. I think that Y8 Browser is a big file. Luckily, for me, it downloaded in, say, 2 minutes.

mine never loads bruh good for you i’ve been installing it for like 2 hours

To help you, we need to know:

  • Which operating system used? (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) If you can also indicate the version of this operating system, it is better.
  • Do you use ad blockers?
  • Which anti-virus?

The Y8 browser is regularly checked, so it should work well. The problem could be something else.

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i use windows i have an anti virus bbut its turned of the name is malwarebytes

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