My top 5 hardest games of Y8

Hi you all and prepare for games that you will need to use your feets to survive, beacuse i will show you the hardest 5 games of Y8.I need to say that i will only consider GOOD and at least BARELY COMPLEX hard games, im not gonna add one of the bad copies of flappy bird, also, this is MY top hardest games, its my personal opinion and you dont need to think like me, however, you still can comment what games you think i should have added to the top, and last, this isnt a game review, im not gonna profundize on the games, i will only bring the concept of the gameplay and why its so hard, with that said, lets go directly to the action.Oh and it will go to five:less harder to one:the hardest.

TOP 5:10 Minutes Till Dawn

A game where the objetive is to survive 10 minutes fighting basic lovecraftian enemies, sounds easy right? Thats what you would think if this wasnt the 5 top hardest games of Y8

When you hit the play button, you got the shop screen, there you can buy characters and guns with the money of the game, every character has a different skill, like more health or throw fire.There are 4 different guns, the revolver, a good starting balanced weapon, the shotgun, which sinergies pretty good with upgrades, the crossbow, good in all senses and the better weapon of the game, and the flame cannon, the most useless weapon in the gaming history.

The gameplay bases on a cenital view of your character that needs to defend from the enemies, which the big part of them are basic enemies, that just follow you, and only two varieties of enemies, which one only appears at the very end.There are two bosses, the first is a basic enemy but faster and with more health, and the second its a very angry deer.You need to survive for 10 minutes, in that time the enemies get stronger and more numeric, but you too:When you kill an enemy, it gives experience, with enough experience you can get upgrades of all types.

The white orbs are the experience that enemies drop.

With enough orbs, you level up, then this pops up and you have 5 upgrades to choose.

The difficulty of the game remains mostly on that the enemies spawn in all directions, this is a game where if you get hit you lose an entire heart, the character with more hearts by default has only 6, that means that you cant get hit more than 6 times (with that character, others has like 2), with that, is really hard to dont get hit, you can get more life by upgrades but the upgrades are really precious and are pretty uncommon while the game advance, also, you rarely times get the health upgrade, beacuse theres a lot of others.At the last minutes the thing gets bad, when the counter gets at that number, it dont matters how many upgrades you got, how good you dodge or how good you play, the only you can do, is run:

TOP 4:Bad Ice Cream (saga)

I will include on this top the whole saga of Bad Ice Cream, first beacuse they are mostly the same, and second beacuse i got my progress deleted for some reason, so i need images.One of the fun parts of this game is playing with a friend, even the developers know that its the good part of the game, you can even play with 4 players with a thing called “Nitrome Touchy”, if youre interested you can look for it.When you choose the amount of players you can choose on different characters, like the classics, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, or the added in the sequels, like Bubblegum or Bacon.

The gameplay bases on a 2D cenital view of your character, you can spawn a line of ice and break it, which you can use to evade enemies, getting the objective and many other things.The objective of the game is to collect all the fruit distributed in the map, some fruit has different skills, some very tricky, specially for the pear, which is a real nightmare to catch them, you need to do this while you evade all types of enemies.

The difficulty of the game remains on the concept of the game, and in the lack of patrons, dont effort on make a technique to win, beacuse there isnt, the gameplay is unpredictable and the variety of maps, enemies, fruits and tiles is too much, the best you can do is evade, dodge and block.


Dont try this game if you arent what the title of the game says, otherwise, you will have no chance.

There are two modes, standard mode, made for the first time on the game, and conqueror mode, an harder version which story comes after standard mode.
The gameplay bases on a 2D view of your character and the enemy, you move with the arrows, attack with X, jump with Z or up arrow and roll dodge with C, the enemies will throw all types of attacks which you need to dodge, while at the same time you need to find the right moments to attack, until the red health bar of the enemies is down and that sucesively until you beat all the enemies and win the game

The standard mode isnt a big challenge if you are experienced, if it was only for him this game could not be on this top, but the conqueror mode its the TRUE PAIN.The conqueror mode takes place after standard mode story, when your character manages to get out of the dungeon but he comes back for a reason, but i preffer to not spoiler it, you will have to beat the whole game to discover it (good luck hehe), with the surprise that your enemies has been training and now theyre way harder to beat:

The mage and the muscle guy are very hard to beat indeed, but this game won this place by the final boss, Shraya, you will get very frustrated on this fight, and its really hard to not get less than 30 deaths if its your first time, my best is 19, let me know yours in the comments!

TOP 2:Die Alone

Even the name of the game warns you that you will suffer, at such point that this and the top 1 are the only games on this top that i actually couldnt win

When you click the start button you go directly to the gameplay, wich bases on a cenital 2D view of your character and the battlefield, you will have to dodge all the “bullets” that the boss spits by moving with the arrows, you will have to drain all his red bar of health by shooting him


the boss will drop experience periodically while you shoot him, this will be useful to upgrade your gun, while less health has the boss, he will make more dangerous attacks

theres 6 bosses


The green bar with the number in left corner is the experience amount, the red bar on the left side is the boss health, your character is the black guy, the boss is the red one and the red and green orbs are the bullets, the black people below the experience bar are your lifes, the bosses drop one of them when they die and the aim icon below the lifes are your special skill uses, it works when you press space and it makes all the bullets on screen to dissapear, the bosses also drop them.

The difficulty of the game remains on that its a bullet hell, you need to beware all the directions and learn the patrons, with the plus that when you lose a life you also lose many levels of experience, theres also checkpoints, so you can start from a boss by specific, but many times its better to start from the beggining so you can have more amounts of life for the final boss, and talking about him, this black eye thing will destroy you, i dont know any person that has beat this guy, he put me an stop while playing this so i never could finish the game, beacuse hes the only boss on the game that dont has patrons at some attacks, if you beat him you can show us on the commentaries, but please give proofs, beacuse many people lie about it, like the ones that say that got more than the max score on slope.

TOP 1:Commando 2
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Here it is, the top 1, the hardest game of Y8, and the hardest game that i have played on my life.

Many people says that this is a copy of Metal Slug, and it would be saved of being that if the enemies wasnt so similar, beacuse the game itself its pretty different.This game has, for some reason, very low plays, only getting 10k, so i want to say that this game isnt only a hard game, it is also really fun, it even has an incredible soundtrack on every level, im not saying that you will complete it, but you will have lots of fun, so i invite you to just try it, and you can leave a comment here about your experience.
Theres 3 difficulty levels, easy normal and hard, every level has 4 missions, and only the first mission of the easy level is a bit easy.The weapons divide on types, from A to I, theres crossbows, katanas, explosives, etc, its supposed that you unlock weapons for beating missions, but the more far that i got was the first mission of the hard level i think, and the game never gave me a single weapon, if you finished the game (somehow) tell us if it gave you any weapons.
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You have a max of 6 weapons for mission, so you should choose the weapons that you preffer, i will only say that the silenced pistol is way better than it looks, you just need to know how to use it.The gameplay bases on a 2D view of your character and the battlefield, you move left and right with A and D, jump with W and crouch with S, you aim with the mouse and shoot with left click, every weapon that i know except the commando sword, pistol, Barreti MC21 and knife has limited ammo.You will have to destroy your enemies with your arsenal, choosing wisely the right weapon for the situation and dodge all the bullets possible
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The difficulty of the gameplay remains on the variability of scenarios, theres a lot of different enemies and traps, at such point that you will probably remember every part of the game for the creative it is, even the normal enemies can give you troubles beacuse they can attack on all angles, they can crouch and launch grenades, things that other enemies cant do, and later theres stronger versions of him, like the red ones that has lots of health, dude theres even some bosses that turn on average enemies later on the game.The game also gives you a good chance, beacuse you have 4 lives, each life bar can get a lot of damage, and theres items that heal you, I probably got far in the game just beacuse that, but soon or later you will loose every single of your lives.
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And thats it, sorry for being inactive so many months, i know that no one noticed it, but this topic took a lot of work, and in the way my pc broke, also taking screenshots on the hardest games of Y8 isnt easy, and the worst part is that when i got my pc back, all my progress on games got deleted, so i had to play all the games again.Im argentinian, so im sorry for all the bad orthography, im not good at english.I would like to suggest something for the forum, its that when i was making this, i tried to comment on other topics, but it happens that i only can have one topic open at time, so when i tried to comment, this topic opened and i needed to delete it to comment what i wanted, so i would like to have the possibility for having more than 1 topic opened at time, and if that exists alredy, please tell me how to do it, thats it, i hope that you enyoyed this top 5 hardest games of Y8, i repeat that you can comment which games you think i should have added to this top, have a good day or night, and chau chau, pescao, pescao.OH AND WHEN I WAS TAKING SCREENSHOTS OF COMMANDO 2 I WON THE GAME YEEEEES!!!
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i think water and fireboy too all series , if u tried completing them all in one run it way too hard if u solo ngl tbh it takes u to 1 hour maybe.

Watergirl and Fireboy are hard games too indeed, but i think that isnt fair to comparate the whole saga of the games with a single game like 10 Minutes Till Dawn, when i put the Bad Ice Cream saga i didnt consider the difficulty of winning the whole saga, i considered the difficulty of playing a single game of the saga, and comparing it with a Bad Ice Cream game, Watergirl and Fireboy are way easier, i completed some games of the saga with a friend that to be honest, is really bad at the game, but even with that we completed it with all the gems, white gems and some time bonus pretty fast.Im not saying that Watergirl and Fireboy isnt a hard game, some of them are actually hard for me, but remember that i choosed this 5 games from a lot of others hard games, like My Friend Pedro for example, but Watergirl and Fireboy is simply not enough hard, thats why i didnt added it to the top.Thanks for your comments!

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