My game status

I have uploaded my deadly pursuit and as soon as I reach 20k-30k plays in 1-2 weeks, I’ll be eligible for revenue share (as I have been told).
I want to ask that when I reach 20k-30k plays, will I be given the revenue share for the plays I earned to become eligible, or will it start all over again after being eligible meaning that after being eligible every 1000 plays will earn me 1$.
Please tell me as soon as possible.
Thank You!

Also I have uploaded my game and have successfully reached 15 thousand plays within 3 days. You can play it:-

Can u please tell me how can I see the status of the game including revenue, etc?
Note: I haven’t uploaded SDK in my game.
Please tell me so that I can go there and remove my doubts.

i don´t now but is a one very good question

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