Mutant Fighting Cup 2


Please does anyone know how to get more animals im sick with just the dog :frowning:


This is what comes to mind regarding an attack mouse.


i love this game it is an awesome game


pano po makakuha ng vaccount na eagle


Just follow the in-game tutorials

You may select the animal first. After that, you can create your own mutant, change its look and powers in “GENES” menu, then have a turn-based battle with another mutant.
Pick one type of attack randomly to defeat your enemies.


Use Online Save to get another type of animal


Pretty cool pictures… ferocious! :grinning:


yo this game is so awsome


Hi is online :neutral_face:


My animal appeared in these images


hmmmmmm my king mutant fighting cup 2 :smirk_cat:


oni są silniejśi o de mnie lol :otwarte usta:


how to play this plsss teach me


WTF is this energy resource upgrade on the shop?

also ability upgrade is a bug???


дабавляйте меня в друзьях


дабафте меня в друзьях кто не буть


I Like thia game Because I always Win ! :grinning:ù


ya llegue al final despues q sigue ya no me sale contrincantes


#bestgamever :heart_eyes:


i beat the game it was fun but really really really difficult p.s the final boss is really difficult to beat him i had the best of best and it didnt make it easyier but i beated him with the most important thing of all LUCK it was all luck if you wanna know who the final boss is tell me and ill tell you p.s i raged a lot as well