Mutant Fighting Cup 2


But this game is very hard, too! :confounded:


ну просто посмотри видио пирпетума


Are we going to be able to play with more animals?
And I really think you should make a little bit easier. This is so hard.

Very respectfully,


yes,is it,For I am a don’t understand English Chinese it was a nightmare


my dog is level 16 and his life is 1272 but i cant batlle in pvp because no playing hahaah only ican fight is north american cup but my enemys life is 3000+ so ilose


tnqa kayo wag na mag talo aahh lban nlng


I Play Mutant Fighting Cup 2 At


i love the game
it is wow


this game is so cool i played it hacked.


Hi! @Kien I Am :walking:


go to previous map you beaten and spend 300 coins to beat them again,you can use their drop to learn ability ,repeat to do so and it will be easy


it’s easy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


chouse your attack mouse


wow ang ganda masakit na bayan


i meant you could message me on id


круто в мой ник знайте


go to ***************** start a no account run and select the cat then press transfer so you can play***************

Edit: Sorry not allowed.


how do u unlock the extra animals


Hi! Are You @wtf91990?


@akokawatan Hi! This Is @Kien!