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Moto X3M is the first game of all 3 cool games which combine adrenaline gameplay with the fun of driving and making various motorbike stuns!

Here at website, not only we have all 3 Moto X3M Cool Games, but we also have all Video Game guide, like Moto X3M 3 Walkthrough video help, level tips, especially for Moto X3M Level 9 and Level 22, and forum topics for the game walkthroughs, how to complete all levels, and most of all, have lots of fun as you drive towards completing the game.

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The game is named Moto X3M because it’s extremely dangerous to drive a motocross across bumpy roads, push into explosive barrels, do dangerous in-air motocross flips, and most of all, accelerate towards the end goal. Drive carefully and in case you are stuck in “how to complete Moto X3M” game, here are some textual tips and visual hints, to aid you along the way.

Game guide for how to complete Moto X3M Level 9:

and voila, you are able to jump over your fears.

Hold on both accelerate and brake keys, until the acceleration bar fills up entirely, and then just release the brake key which will allow your motorbike to launch into X3M jumping height! Here are images how to complete Moto X3M Level 9, and win the game.

Game guide for how to complete Moto X3M Level 22, which is the final level of Moto X3M first game part:

After you drive and land onto the Giant Ball, you need to accelerate a bit (tap the acceleration button a little bit) so you would actually drive forward the Giant Ball as it rolls downhill. Then, when the Giant Ball lands, press and hold the acceleration button so you would drive towards the completion of the final level, Moto X3M Level 22!

Moto X3M is a cool motocross stunt game. With 22 challenging, yet addicting levels. Put on your helmets, reeve your motorcycle and take off to beat the time on all the amazing stages. Perform tricks, like flips, to decrease your time.

Play the 2nd part of Moto X3M game, directly at our website:

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Also, the latest part of the Moto X3M games series, has released the final, 3rd part, which you can play for free, here at Y8:

If you need video guide, how to complete Moto X3M games, like the 3 part, you can watch it here:

Enjoy playing!