Moto Trials Junkyard 2 - The part of a junkyard!




I have also browsed this game Junkyard, and the part is two!


Even if you stunt it, almost better!

I haven’t seen this yet, but if i have only a maximum chance to you, That is a great idea to win this bike game is to complete these levels!


The open air? Awesome!

If this is only one bike, then it is a chance to be a more winner than more loser, you need to do it sometimes well!

Checkpoint, then activated!

If it is only bike, i guess you will enjoy! :slight_smile:

Play Now! Without Flash! :slight_smile:

Do you like this game?

  • Yes! :star_struck:
  • Could be better :confused:
  • Never mind :slight_smile:
  • No… :frowning:

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Beat all of the levels, in around a minute. Has to be one of the hardest flash games of driving I’ve ever played. I’m going to guess and say that english is not your native, so it was a hard time understanding what you meant in your review, but good job anyhow.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Nice Topic Leo :slight_smile:


Thanks @Bad_Request! :slight_smile:


@Bad_Request, also, Follow also my topic: Moto Trials Junkyard - The bike is in the junkyard!




I’m not saying to you @phumlani but to @Bad_Request