Monkey Go Happy Stage 481 - Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

Monkey go Happy Christmas edition is ready for playing on y8. If you have difficulties, i will surely help you with this post.

The Grinch is the well-known villain for Christmas, he wants to steal Christmas this time too, so he is presented with what he is stealing from us this year - Covid 19. But you are here and you will not allow that, I am sure.

Santa lady is looking for 20 snowballs, which are visible at the beginning and you can find them, but not all.
Here we go now: click all the candy, which is placed around the house, they will move and reveal the balls.

Collect the rudder from the roof of the cabin and other stuff like piece of wood and star.
When you like to enter the cabin you need to solve the puzzle, can you?

Here us inside the cottage, collect everything that you can collect. Insert the wheel into the slot and turn it.

Now look under the carpet, and go outside again.

Combine the shovel and stalk, to have a functional shovel, then look under the snow.

Use the key, and open the triangle under the Covid 19 article.

Can you guess the word to solve this puzzle? Grinch can help you, or just the article in to the cottage. For the number, enter the Latin numerals.

Make a mask for Grinch (Covid19) and get the last piece to complete all the game. Assemble the star together, put it in the right place and that’s it.


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