Microsoft Office error

while installing Microsoft Office on my windows 10 laptop a popup showed up asking for update and I have performed the same, unfortunately the installation got stuck at 90% with an error code or error message “Something went wrong”, tried some online methods from random websites but failed. Not able to Access Microsoft Office applications like excel, word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. How to repair or fix my computer? or how to get support?

Don’t expect someone could help you on this site.

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If the update is for your computer, you might want to back up your PC onto a hard drive and reinstall Windows 10.

Also, try this if it is the same reason as my original post:

It could be that you need to update your Windows operating system. Some issues are easily solved as just letting your computer update properly.

Give it a try.

Not quite sure, just as I see on your profile picture I guess.

Not to be rude, but this is not the correct place to ask for help. I would go on Reddit or any Microsoft Support Forums.

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