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Messages for this week (3):

1. Time

“Time is your most precious asset. It is fleeting; make each moment count.”

2. Parents:

“Appreciate your parents today, for tomorrow may be too late. Cherish them; they’re your greatest treasures.”

3. Teacher:

“Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever. Thank a teacher today for shaping tomorrow.”

I would like all :innocent: :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:
Time :timer_clock: :clock10: :clock1030:
Parents :family_man_woman_girl_girl:
Teacher :pouting_woman:t2: :woman_teacher:t2: :man_teacher:t2: :man_teacher:t2:

What a great story. Now get off this dead site.

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Why I just post messages every week to spread happiness in people so they could feel good even it’s the month of Ramadan

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You can do it somewhere else, not on a dead site smh

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