🔶 Low Poly Art: Beautiful & Relaxing at the same time




Who here is totally closed to art? Probably no one.

Today Y8.com is proud to present you a super art style named Low Poly (for Low Polygon)

Low poly is a polygon mesh in 3D computer graphics that has a relatively small number of polygons.
Models that are said to be low poly often appear blocky and simple while still maintaining the basic shape of what they are meant to represent. With computer graphics getting more powerful, it has become increasingly computationally cheap to render low poly graphics. Some artists use the resulting low-detail from a low polygon count as an aesthetic rather than as an optimization technique. They are often used by indie developers due to being faster and cheaper to create. In addition, there is an element of nostalgia to low poly styles, hearkening to older video game consoles such as the Nintendo 64 or the PlayStation (console). Since they often achieve a certain retro style, serving as a 3-Dimensional analog to the 2-Dimensional pixel art.

With the puzzle games Poly Art 3D and Magic Poly 3D, you will not only be an art spectator but you will also be part of it!

If you appreciate low poly style, these games are really made for you.
They will bring your brain to a boil since you have to try to put the polygons back from an “exploded” view in the right position (the good angle) in order to reform a stylized image.
It will not always be easy! In addition since it is a 3D image you may need to rotate it in all directions before you start to see the beginning of a solution!

What a relaxing and beautiful way to pass the time isn’t it?

As an Html5 game, you can play it for free at Y8.com on both mobile or desktop devices!

With these 2 games, you will have a wide choice of cute, delicious, funny or simply incredibly beautiful images.

Don’t wait any longer, play them now!

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