Lost Conversation With Ankit -Helicopter Black Ops 3D

I was having daily conversation with MR.Ankit, he had approved my first game SharkShips-(puty8dotcomhere)/games/shark_ships, for second game he agreed to approve for this game which Mr. Ankit approved on 13th october.
Helicopter Black Ops 3D- (y8dotcomhere)/iamyawer/unity/helicopterblackops3d/
Ad integeration all done as was told, but later I lost conversation with him he did not reply.
Please approve this game as its kept under review for month now.
Also where can I see money earned through y8 games, is there any link as I have put y8 ads already on it.
Another thing for some reason I can’t even put links as it does not let me, kindly remove limits for me.
M Yawer
Y8 Rev partner

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