Looking for a game that seems to have disappeared

I am trying to find a game that I have played on Y8 games within the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name but there were different levels of difficulty: chill, medium and the last one being the hardest of course. You are given several letters or groups of letters to choose from initially, and then you must choose another letter of group of letters in order to create a longer word. if your choice is good, then you select again until you have created a real word or if your choice is not part of an actual word you lose a life and start over. The final objective is to piece together the rarest word possible. The rarer the word the higher your score. Since I have played this previously, one would assume that the game would appear in my list of played games and it was, for a while, but now it seems to have “left the building”. If anyone knows the name of this game please help me out and let me know what it is called and where it went. Thanks

I don’t think a game can “disappear”. Try search with tags like “word puzzle”.
y8 .com/tags This link will show you all tags, search for your games with this. (I can’t put links in reply)

Additional note: Some games are flash games. Y8 don’t show games with tag “Flash” (in categories or “Most popular games” pages) unless you use search bar.

Hope this helps.

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