Loney need friend

Hey any one wants to be my friend am loney



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Welcome to the community. I want to be your friend.

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Thanks every body

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I’ll be your friend! :]

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What is your favorite color

Black. I like green too. What about you?

Pink and purple

That’s cool! Purple is a pretty colour! What’s your favorite animal?

Cats , dog llamas and you

Hedgehogs are my favorite! They’re so cuteee

I agree

Favorite book btw anyone can answer

I like a lot of books. But ‘Out of my Mind’ is probably my favorite. I like the ‘Shadow House’ series too!

Favorite food

I’ve read a few chapters of the first book. I don’t find it very interesting, but it was okay.

Ramen, chicken nuggets and pizza! What about you?

Y8 Games