Let's Have a New Year

Hello everyone, it is now 2022, as we know already WE HAD SUCH A TERRIBLE YEAR of 2021 & it sucked. The 19 thing, the deaths, the masks, EVERYTHING WAS TERRIBLE and it sucked. But now… it’s been NEARLY 4 years since the Y8 forums has been a thing & today will be a good year for all of us people. And today, you know what’s going to happen? Today, we will make the forums a better place. Today, we will meet new friends (strangers), build a nice community, and have passion. Today, we will expose those who come here to destroy our people, our feelings, our respect, our community & we will have the consequences come to them & will regret the things that they committed themselves. Last year in August 2021, we had a user, a person that was a problem to all of us, @MysteryPlayer did disgusting things to the people in our community. That person harm those two people, and will be publicly named.
@xHaVoc & @Fashionista
Those two people that didn’t deserve to get treated like that, they didn’t deserve to get involved into bad things. Those two people were loyal, innocent, and the most respectful people in this community. But now that person had time to apologized & had those chances but didn’t do it. When I joined the forums on April 2021 I expected the forums this site to be the best & expected to not have a weirdo making forums of two anime characters laying in the bed, one girl snuggling a man’s T word. We cannot make the Y8 community worse than it already is right now & the people should feel respected & safe at home. This speech may not work or fix the horrid things in this community 100% but I don’t care anyways, I just want this nonsense to stop, that’s all I want & you should feel the same as well.

I hope this made you feel motivated now, god bless you people & stay safe!



So great.



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