Leader Strike



Do you want to fight a war for power broken out between politicians? Play the role of the world greatest leader fighting furiously for power. Give a dare to players from the whole world, get popularity points, unblock rewards. The war is declared!

NEW : Google play link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.y8.LeaderStrike&referrer=utm_source%3Dwebgame

Chose your favorite character

Chose a server and a map with several different mode :Normal game Sniper or RPG only on the Island or the city

Unlock daily bonus (extra money or points), character and weapon in creating idnet account and earn popularity point to buy rewards and titles on the leader shop

Have a good game enjoy and don’t hesitate to give your opinion

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Seems like a funny game lol, I will try it.


This is the link :wink:


the map is damn too big and try to make few servers wher ppl can compactly fill in


Go see the servers are now full
And the city with 16 players is really cool




Cool! Is the game available for license?


I m not sure to understand Joepie


I was wondering if it’s possible to acquire a non-exclusive license, integrate our own branding and have the game hosted on our servers.


No you can’t the licence belongs to Y8


new release is online

Mode pistol only
Arrows keys in control in more
Several little bugs fixed



@joepie This area is more for players. If you email us you will have better luck. :four_leaf_clover:


What is this? When I try to join it it says maximum call size extended or some tab when I join a game. Fix this NOW!


Hey, I have a complaint. I was playing this game on Island of Promises map when i saw that the player poundykungZ was jumpy continuously and killing the players in each 6- 14 seconds. After some time i played on other server and left. Then I made a new server Called Halloween asteroid, RPG only (teamdeathmatch). Everything was going well and i won a round and in the middle of the second round i found poundykungZ again. Again he started jumping fast and continuously. There are few good players, and maybe poundykung was one. But I was most shocked by the speed he jumped. And yes, let the creator of a server be able to kick players and add reporting. I hope you will take my complaint and add the following suggestions.


Hi, in cases like this one is the best solution is to record that person, to be clear see what is he/she doing.


Hello we are glad to have now Leader Strike on android.
Same game but on mobile and tab





Desktop verion of Y8 was updated with a link to Android version. So now you will miss nothing for sure :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to rate and review your favorite game :slight_smile:


hmm is it the army guy from free fall which i saw ? btw MAR.FORCEPLAYZ