Knighttron isn't working

There is a game called knighttron that sadly doesn’t work because all it does it say waiting for connection and sadly, never loads. Please Y8 developers fix this if you have time. This is a childhood game.

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The game is on Bluemaxima’s Flashpoint and it works pretty well.

Make sure to download Infinity since it takes up less storage.

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I din’t get what you want to say?

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Yes I have Flashpoint, but what if you have AVG and it cannot run

What d oyou mean?

*do you

if you have an antivirus blocking an application simply make an exception for it in your antivirus, that should fix it and allow you to run your application but be sure its a false positive before doing so

It wont restore the file thought. (If you have AVG)

Hi, the game should work now (with the Y8 browser)


Thanks you alot

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Also I wanted to let you know mushroomer isn’t working aswell. the menu screen is lagged. But once again thank you very much.

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Wait my bad it’s all working sorry.

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Wait with Zombotron 2 when you full screen it, it shrinks.

Ah yep that’s because the game is not resizable. I remove the option, thanks for noticing it

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ok thank you

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