Knighttron is broken again

Hello, as you may see Knighttron has broken again. When I try yo play it says “0KB / 0KB” is there any way to fix this?

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Uh hello?

hi who are you

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A person who points out problems in games (To help games get fixed).


Uhm by using the forum page.

if i sad help me are you going to help me

I don’t understand???

by you sad you are a game fixer so help me now

I am not a game fixer, I ask admins (Developers) to fix games if they can.

okey sorry for say this


are you a male or female

Why do you need to know? I only made this topic so someone like “Bad_Request” can help me with this problem. I didn’t make this for a chatting topic.

because this game is not for female

What ae you talking about?


let chat 4:00

i am play sorry

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