Keeper of the Grove 3 - (easy, insane) walkthrough, tips and tricks


Few days ago, Keeper of the Grove 3 is released live, so this topic will be dedicated for sharing walkthrough for insane mode, how to get all achievements, revealing secrets, using tips, tricks and enjoying the maximum of Keeper of the Grove 3 game!

Share your comments and useful tactics for completing Keeper of the Grove 3 Walkthrough topic. Have fun!


I’ve never been to get the achievements ‘Complete a level with the highest rating’ or the ‘Complete 5 levels with the highest rating’, yet when I complete the game I get the ‘Complete the 15 levels on the highest rating’ achievement… Can someone clear this up for me as to why I get the last one and not the other 2?


Hi Aethne,

According to our ID statistics, when you mouse hover the achievement icon which is shown below the game window at Y8 play page, here:

you can see that there are 6330+ people who earned that achievement. That means, the achievement isn’t broken.

Which is your highest score on a level?


We are not saying it is broken. We are asking “what does ‘Complete a level with the highest rating’ mean?” Or to put it another way" What is the definition of complete with the highest rating?"
We are playing this game on “Insane” Level so there is no higher rating as far as we can make out. Please advise.


Thanks to your attention, we double checked and the developer applied a fix on the achievement. Its been tested and it should work good now. The achievement is to earn 5 gems on stage.

Is it working for you now?


Yes it is working, so long as you redo the requisite number of stages and get the five gem rating it works. The key thing is that you have to do 1 to 5 stages again to gain this achievement. Thank you for your help and attention to this.


I’m glad it worked, N5Artillery, and I’m even happier that you stopped by to notify us about this bug :slight_smile:


I finished 8 stages now with 5 crystals and I still don’t get the achievement “Complete 5 levels with the highest rating”. Please check if there might be a problem. Thank you in advance.


Hi Pada22,

I’ve checked the game, and the achievements statistic. It turns out that more than 6000 people have earned that achievement and you can view that if you use the mouse to hover over the achievement icon at Y8 play page.