Its gone...its all gone


our place of birth has been deleted.

144 has fallen down and with it the cataloged history of our community.

Our home has been defiled and merged with 12.

Remember it, every time you see 144 remember FFT


press F to pay respects


F + Infinyte Respects




i will always remember the game make me become royal pain


if y8 sell the game or gave it to other dvs maybe it will not going to die .


Depends on if the players will like it.


sure they like


if theirs an update in fft they should make new ranks and hero also skins of hero,low the prize and make a tournament that last 50m


I don’t understand what he means by 144 and 12 lol


144 as in the amount of players


well if we will not stop playing the game ithink we save it from dest>


ur wrong about that even u will not stop playing the game u can’t stop the future.


The future hasn’t been written tbh


He literally answers to himself, not really sure why are u bothering. Both accs are his.


Yes I know that. I just like to see the outcome.


i gave that account to my friend miss nox this is the second time i writed this mes.



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