It's been a long time guys :)

Hi guys this is G3.Unbidnebula (or G4? Don’t remember clearly) a.k.a Maj.abdulwahid47. Used to play a lot back around 2014-2016 and posted one word replies on Kong forums too lol :slight_smile: . If any oldie from the time (including friends like Rja, thenew13yearsold, AhmadS25, Andreas, Slimshady, Supersonics etc etc) still lurk around here lemme know how you guys doing :smiley: . I came back a few months back just to feel the nostalgia and it was fun indeed, but realized the oldies dont bother playing anymore (i guess the reasons are obvious as the game’s dead etc). So… if any oldie or even newbie sees this, tell me what’s cooking :wink:


I ve been playing it in 2014 and 2015 too , But i dont remember any players(my memory is pretty bad) anyway , I now play it casually 1 -1.5 hours maybe a day . Just for fun

Great to see an oldie here . Welcome !

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Thanks bro :smiley:


if u wont be playing can u give me ur account so I can show off to my friends my gmail is

pls contact me I beg u

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