[Issue] [Updates] Freefall Tournament Down on Y8 (since around October 28, 2021?)

i’m not a mod, an admin nor a community manager of some sort for y8 nor freefall. just a good ole player who happened to have some free time so i’m just dropping by to start a general discussion thread about the current issue freefall tournament players on y8 is experiencing.

will be posting some useful and relevant updates and info here that i hope some people will find helpful even for a game that’s been called “dead” by more than a handful people

here’s me hoping that other forum users on here will keep their posts and replies under this thread relevant and helpful to other users and players, since again i don’t have any role or authority to moderate people’s inputs here (wish i was and i could)

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current working alternative (external) links to freefall tournament:

courtesy of DarkMortem:

freefall tournament on minijuegos.com

courtesy of Kien6127:
Freefall Tournament - Play Freefall Tournament at Friv EZ

these links could prove useful if this issue with freefall tournament on y8 should occur in the future

also, i don’t wanna get into trouble by posting these external links, i’m just tryna help some kids play the game that’s been down for about 3 days (?) now. if it’s working somewhere else, why not right?

i also checked y8’s discord server and a few people have reported the issue over there. as of october 30, 2021 3:32 pm (gmt+8/singapore), Bad Request (an admin on y8’s discord server) has since responded and said “Devs are on it :slightly_smiling_face:”.

feel free to join y8’s discord server here: https://discord.gg/ba9yXhj

there are dedicated text and voice channels for freefall tournament over there; also quite useful if you wanna reach some people about issues like this one.

any further information and updates that are relevant and useful are welcomed here, thanks!

submitted a separate post about the issue under category “report game problem”:

bruh me?

what did i do wrong? :frowning:

you mean i am not a courtesy person? :frowning:

no kien. it simply means i’m crediting you for the useful information you contributed, thus the link i provided leading to your original post. i don’t like taking credit from someone else’s contribution, so i mentioned you.

also your reply is off the context and purpose of this thread. it should be common knowledge that threads are meant to and should remain consistent with the title and topic as posted. you should be more mindful next time and consider the topic first before submitting a reply to any post or creating new posts and discussions in the forums.

thank you.


the official site is working now:

still waiting for the game to work on y8.com/games/freefall_tournament

ok ok ok, but i helped you to do what thing, i can’t remember

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