🦸‍♂ Iron Man Saves the Day!

Have you ever wished to play as a Super Hero? Maybe? Play as the Iron Man! how’s that? You would love :heart: this game specially if you’ve followed the colorful story of Tony Stark and his advanced suit :robot: that makes him the Iron Man! :man_superhero: With super human ability wearing a high tech armor suit :robot:, you can fly and shoot enemies from a distance. :rocket: Let’s check out some high lights of this game! :sunglasses:


Use three rockets :rocket: to hit 3 separate targets simultaneously :dart:


Beam powerful laser to destroy big enemies :zap:


Fly super low and surprise-ambush the ground troops :ghost: :right_anger_bubble:


Or fly high enough in safe position to take out enemies carefully :mag:


Iron Man is not invincible, so always watch out for your health status here :stethoscope: :hospital:


There’s a lot of ways to tackle the enemies, only limit is your imagination :wink:. So play the game and enjoy it! :partying_face: I bet you would feel the excitement of being the Iron Man in this game :man_superhero:

Play this new and exciting game here brought to you by Y8.com! :arrow_down:

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