👗 Insta K-Pop Look >> Be a Trendy Fashionista

Yeah Looks like new game is here, Insta K-Pop Look – feels like interesting social media game to play. :dress: :heart:

Here is our cute little girl who want to showcase her fashion on her social media platform. This game looks interesting with latest dresses to shop, So let us help her to get ready for a week long show. :shopping_cart:

So let shop the latest dresses and accessories from our wardrobe. But her is a little snitch, there are some interests she has, so memorize them and shop the items and dresses which she likes. :shopping_cart:

First let us move to makeover, let us use eyelashes, eyeliner, foundation and lenses. This makes her face look clean, goldish and attractive. :haircut_woman: :dancer: :lipstick:

So we have some little money to shop, let us buy and try different dresses, so let us how it looks on our little princess. :dress: :shopping_cart: :shopping:

She really have some interesting tastes, mini skirts, short tops, crop dresses and more. :tshirt: :dress:

now i bought another dress which is red colored and looks more gorgeous.

Finally she wants to post some updates on her social media page. :iphone:

I bet you will like this game, i love this game though. Here we have some opportunity to show our dresses and make over skills. Share your screenshots and show to everyone. :heart:

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Yes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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