👗 Insta Beauty Pageant : Trendy Fashions for Social Media Challenge

Insta Beauty Pageant, this pleasant game showcases the present trends on social media. :dress: :dancer: So let us move into this game, our cute little princess want to pose for her social media followers, as she is a influencer on social media like insta, she has accepted a challenge which has thrown from her followers. :princess: :dress:

The challenge is to show her gorgeous attires she wear every day for whole week. So the challenge goes for 7 days. :dress: :nail_care:

Each day we can select different dresses, makeover, accessories and hair styles. Like a small pinch of salt, we see some tasks here from which gives a hint about our little princess likes to wear. We need to memorize them and select the matched dresses or accessories. :princess: :dress:

She has some limited amount, so let us help to buy the dresses :shopping_cart: and other items and pose on her social media account to get coins and she can shop for the next day too. So the dresses and make over likes very cute and trendy. :moneybag: :dancer: :shopping:

Some times we can select modern, classic and beach wear too. Depending on the occasion the dresses and makeover varies right. :bikini: :dress:

As usual i shown these are different dresses i tried.

I hope she loves all these dresses i chose for her. Now let she share her photos on social media to get more follower and make her feel happy. :princess: :heart:

Hope you all fell in love with this game, you can play this game from the link below. :heart:

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