Inside the Y8 browser: "Couldn't load plug-in when trying to play a flash game"

Game: Kingdom Rush (any of the 2 available)

Problem: I know browsers no longer use flash so I installed Y8 in an attempt to try one of my childhood games, but was given this error: "Couldn’t load plug-in. when trying to play the game

And yeah, there is another guy who asked this question before but he didn’t have the Y8 browser. How can I fix it and make it work?

The error appears on ALL of the flash games actually. I would upload a photo but I can’t

I don’t get where the problem is, I tried both Kingdom Rush games on Y8 browser and they work perfectly.

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Hi @Nice1, Bad_Request showed it isn’t the Y8 browser that’s at fault.

So, next try this First Stage in a process of elimination: 1) Uninstall the Y8 browser (I assume you know how); then 2) Do a “Disk Cleanup” (assuming you’re using a Windows OS) and do check the boxes for “Direct X cache” and “Temporary Files”; and 3) Download the Y8 flash browser again. Let me know how you go

Second Stage: IF after doing the above carefully, and no flash game loads, it probably means that your computer is very low on hard drive memory. That means you’ll need to delete files like unwanted photos, videos, etc

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