I'm having a problem with FFT

So i’m a player who wants to get into FFT, but when i launch it through Steam, it’s always stuck on “Loading your game profile…” . Does anybody know how to fix this?

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why cant anyone just contribute to the y8 forums? instead of asking fft questions.


What’s FFT??

Freefall tournament ,a game

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hi, you’re “Lum Fao” on steam i assume? i saw your post in the steam community discussion for freefall tournament, too.

i think i experienced this same issue back when i first tried playing the game on steam. what i did was:

  1. closed then restarted the game.

issue still persisted so,
2. uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

issue went away since then.

its possible altho highly unlikely that you were having network problems when you tried opening and playing the game on steam so step 1 above would’ve solved it.

other than that i don’t think i’ve heard any other issues from other players of the game on steam so far, it seemed quite stable enough to at least allow players past that loading screen and allow them to play, meaning it should work fine with just a restart or reinstall unless you’re playing on an unsupported/incompatible/outdated computer operating system

if none of that helps and it remains unplayable for you, request a refund through steam

FFT Means Freefall Tournament i think but im pro Cpt.Nin_433

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