I wanna make a game


Can we download it if i have to download the players its cost money so can u change it to download pls


i wanna dud


what kind of programming skills do you have?


well, if you do want to make a game or join a gamedev group, I highly recommend going somewhere to get a hands on experience in programming. I would recommend using the text editor / IDE which is free and most jobs in the programming, game dev and software dev use it. Not because its made by Microsoft.


cool thx dud :slight_smile:


Hello min name is anniken


hello @annike0712


ican help you in graphics


Good luck in making a game.


@shadowelite7 But How to Open Program Can u tell me Pls?


Do you mean open VSCode?




by the way what is vscode idont know cause my teammates the who make the work


VSCode or Visual Studio Code is a Text editor that has a debugger and IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

this might explain it more


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