I think we need to speak about *balancing* 🔨

The old tier classes are too weak against new tier.
I have an idea for this problem. We must allow some classes to buy and equip new weapons, or abilityes and make the price similar to buy this class once more. So a tech price is 8000z, but the new weapon price also 8000, so totally 16.000z for a new tier tech.

  • Whe need balance
  • Whe need balance, but not like that
  • Whe don’t need balance

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  1. Gunner

My idea is for gunner, to have a commando’s battle riffle, like a faster rail gun or copter kick must parrying a single attack. Or get them a bow with a raining arrow ability in “r” reload button.

  1. Scout

Scout needs poison or do something with thunder kick, because its useless in combat (add stun). Doped sabber is radioactive, what not causing radioactive effect, and thunder kick is an eletrically charged kick, what not causing eletric dmg or something. What? Commando’s buttstroke is simular to scout’s thunder kick, but stun you to death. And stim pack is a scout turbo boost, but heals him. And commando’s auto-shotgun dmg is sililar with scout’s saber, but its ranged.

  1. Tank

Tank’s shield(right click) cooldown needs to be nerf and heavy machine gun needs buff.

  1. Tech

Tech-s nano beam needs to steal a small amount of life from enemy, and nano surge needs a huge knock back.

  1. Blazer

Blazer’s granade is weak, because only cause ground dmg. Mobility is also weak, but, this is the one class, who can eat every class for breakfast whit a little practice. I think it must start dmg from throwing, to blazer has chance to kill a bomber.

  1. Assassin

Assassin need to change his ranged weapon to shuriken, what make areal dmg like balster’s heavy rocket launcher, but its faster and make less dmg and poison. Also, for get chance to kill a bomber.

  1. Blaster

Blaster is op enough.

  1. Shocker

Shocker is need a Megaman’s buster like orb caster, what make more dmg when longpress without right click.

Sorry for my language deficiencies, but I had to write about this, to can sleep at night.
I am a scout main and i can kill every class with it, commando too, but i must sneaking without spectral cloak. I think it is not fair to buy an expensive class and you autamatically becomes op without any skill or experience. I hate requisitions too and i never use mega dmg.

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