I need help...serious help


The Cancer is spreading, Vey (his new account) and Death should be stopped, SERIOUSLY! Someone please IP bann them or atleast if you can make it so whenever i see them ingame they cant see what i type and i cant see what they type. DEVS, PLZ HELP ME! I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE THEM! HALP! THEY ARE


I will admit, they make an annoying duo. But still if they haven’t done anything wrong they won’t get banned. Also no point in this thread.


U are creating drama because u are very bored…?
Just a tip - stop doing it, before u get banned.


Im not making drama.


Because u are simple that type of player who get pissed because of this? In any case, if u really wanted to report them, u would use ‘report players’ topic.

Not gonna mention bait for name of this one.


They used to that to me.
When I got serious and they couldn’t kill me, Vey glitched in shuttle bay and started to kill me when I was in my base >,<


im so sry bby <3 :((((


Git gud?


Listen to Nem.


Butt tey sayid bad tings to my. :(((


Im unbanned hoes


Drama queen​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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