I need a mobile version

I love this game but it’s not in mobile version so I need a mobile version sdrock77@gmail.com is my account u make a mobile version just give notification

Making a mobile version of FFT? That won’t go well.


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Y bro y

S bro more people love mobile online multiplayer game

M8,this is a shooter game. How the hell u would play it on phone?

Bro all more games possible in mobile game like nova 3

Buddy… Multiplayer shooter is a problem even on console, not on phone. With what on phone u would target lock?

mobile version would be awesome tho, would be hard to snipe or use QEF while running and shooting. Unless there were over 7 touch screen buttons.

And if it is ever made you can then pot the mobile version on computer to… just like Would of Tanks blize.

Maybe if there is a big demand they might attempt it xD

For a game console, yeah. But for mobile, I don’t see how they could do it.

There are MP shooters that I play on mobile like Starwarfare and Respawnables.
I can even score the highest by using a sniper rifle only on both games. (Respawnables has a target lock though)

But a game like FFT, not compatible… XD unless there’s no slide and the target lock feature is similar to respawnables.

There used to be a mobile version, it never got out of alpha. It was on the app store when you started playing.

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To be honest if they ever release a mobile version there is a 99% chance I won’t ever play it. Playing a MMO game in a tiny phone baffles my mind.

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Use tablet, or buy a 5.5 inch + phone. Playing games on phones can be quite fun.

I found it boring

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Tablet plz :sunny:

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