I love y8 for making this game




i can’t see the picture proply


I don’t have any screenshots of my past game time, I only showed that I’m age as proof because if you scroll to the very beginning, 1 user thinks y8 is the original creator of freefall tournament instead of free range games






you mean freefall tournament beta


Oh yeah it @maurad.ma


what did he mean by that???




i made this game btw


ah nice to meet you :wink:


the feel when ive talked to ankit maybe 100 times over the past 2 years


Your a dev?


ahh yes, a man of taste of arena shooters. You gotta try Quake Champions: Doom Edition (QC:DE) that is a remake of champions and uses doom 2 engine.


I want to but one of the requirements is to own a copy of Doom 2 which I don’t have on steam. I might buy it on steam when I finished my game dev project


Im also thinking to make a come back in FFT how are you alll doinngggg !!!


I think fft used to be a coop PvE game


son muy buenos y geniales me encantan y los juego todos los dias jejejeje son increiblemente buenos los felizito sigan asi


they did, it was Freefall Arcade


to think that was a browser based unity 3D game made in what 2011?2012? amazing, you can also appreciate and imagine the horror of their coders having to learn unity design and then be good enough to make that happen at that time