I Have All Albums Of My Songs!


1 ben & ben
2 bts
3 iv of spades
4 and more!!!


and share your songs


i put songs, no albums. my favourites songs.

  1. this is what you came for (R3hab & Henry Fong Remix)
  2. no friends (cadmium)
  3. ladders (mac miller)
  4. don’t call me up (mabel)
  5. Survive the night (MandoPony)
  6. The Spectre (Alan Walker)
  7. Madcon Beggin’ (idk the autor :joy:)
  8. FNAF-Magle Puppet


My most favorite is P!NK
and the cup song and so many more I listen to a lot I have like 250 liked songs on my spotify account.

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