I cant remember my old fft accounts pass word! Help?


Hey, Im having trouble remembering my old account: ((XxDarkshootxX)) password and i want to change it, but idk how
(( any help would be great so i could transfer this account to ID net))


Hi Loxxium

Contact @insanehero or @Ankit


Hi @Loxxium

I have had a quick look and your account is an id.net account so to recover lost password you need to use the id.net password recovery system which is here:

Hope this helps!


Sorry but I mean my OLD (Freefall Tournament account) not my ID.Net account password.


This account nickname does not exist in the database. Did you rename it or transfer it previously?
I can only find your Loxxium named account which is the id.net one I mentioned earlier.


i forgot my account ppassword how can i recover pleasee help nick was hgos12 or hgos123


Similar to me, but I’ve forgotten my password and that email happens to have been deleted as well.