I am very sorry

I am really very sorry to everyone.
I mentioned you all in my topic. I was just like a mad!!
Actually there is a app YourQuote that’s not a game platform. I was there as Shreedatri.
In there we don’t play any game that is for writing quotes, story, poem, meme and comic.
We also used to talk by private quote and comment’s also!! In that app we can not massage but we used private quote. And when we write anything in that we mentioned all (those who we want). Or we invite. There also we can only mentioned 10 people like here. And other invite those who follow me.
So I think this y8 is also like YQ (YourQuote) and start mentioning.
In this topic I am not going to mentioned anyone :grinning:
And I am really very sorry :persevere: :pensive: :persevere: :pensive:
If you accept my sorry pls comment

:eyes: nobody commented

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I knew :frowning: :pensive:

it’s okay.

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everyone deserves a second chance.

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No problem!


I hope you read the reason

:rofl: :innocent:

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