🏃 Hybrid Racing: How fast your beast runs?

Hello Y8 gamers! This game is about running hybrid beasts! Hop on your favorite monsters from among the hybrids who will help you to win the race. Choose from monsters that are champions in the races. They are the running Sphinx , Chimera, Minotaur and Laoon!

Which among these monsters run fast? :thinking:

Beast can get tired and exhausted while running…

Watch out for that energy bar

Grab the much needed speed boost! :sunglasses:

Don’t skip grabbing the coins

:trophy: Win the race to unlock this Track #5 & #6 :arrow_up:

Tips: Don’t ever let your beast trip on these traps, it slows you down and it may cost the race.

So, Which running hybrid is your favorate?

  • Sphinx hybridsracing_sphinx
  • Chimera chimera
  • Minotaur hybridsracing_minotaur
  • Laoon hybridsracing_laoon

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Play the Game Here :arrow_down: Enjoy! :smile:


Hello @y8rai!

But I regret your grammar, it must be Ladon, not Laoon

Idk now.

it looks like a cool game

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